Donations In Action 2018

The season is halfway done, and your Spartans are off to a sizzling 5 – 0 start!

With your donations and support, we have been able to work towards our mission of supporting GHS Football coaching and athletes! THANK YOU!!

We’ve talked to members of the community and people have heard about our community events that we ask our Young Spartans to partake in such as:

Veteran House Clean Up
Flag Football
We Care
Memorial Day Set Up

We also get asked, what about the money raised? Where does that go?

Well to be honest some of it does go to overhead costs to keep the organization in good standing as a corporation. Some of it went to pay for IOU’s for the events we have already done so far this year. Here are some of the things we have been able to do in the recent months with the donations gathered this year:

Tech upgrades!

  • Digital Video Camera – Our football team needed a video camera for recording games along with the needed accessories of sd cards, batteries, tripods, etc.
  • New Headsets – We got a great deal and purchased a new $4500 Sideline headset system for $3100!!
  • Hudl Instant Replay – We donated $1800 to the football team so they could renew their Hudl account AND upgrade to the instant replay package!


A big part of our budget goes into feeding the kids. Have you ever made food for a hungry teenager after they have played in a sporting event?

Now try doing that for approximately 75 kids and 20 adults… and multiply it times 10 (games).

Yea. That’s a big bill right there. We’re going to spend over 4k in food costs alone this season. We don’t use the money raised to pay ourselves for transportation, use of storage containers, preparation, etc., that’s on us as volunteers. Funds raised go to the actual purchasing of food or ingredients and the focus is to provide a modest post game meal that makes you want to come back for seconds. Coaches, staff, and athletes for JV and Varsity all eat together with their teams after their games, and so far no complaints.

Are we missing something?

We wanted to buy a lot more items but just simply didn’t have the money. This year we wanted to buy safety equipment for practice and an an end zone camera system. The Headset was an unexpected expense that came up, but we will have to try again next year.

We also know that we’re going to need more help before we finish the year so we can help the football team pay for some transportation debts as well, so stay tuned to future fundraising events!

So there you go, your money at work! We wanted to give an update to let people know where the money is going. Feel free to stop by and say hi at one of the games and ask how you can help. We like smiles and hand shakes so just look for our canopy, it’s the one with all the hungry teenagers eating after the game.

Go Spartans!!

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