Donations in Action 2019

It’s April 2019, the start of the season seems a long time away, but Shield Bearers as well as GHS Football has been getting ready since January!

Your Donations have already made an impact on last season, helping us buy equipment and provide post game meals, but this January we donated an additional $7000 to the Football program to help pay for last years costs.

This donation is direct from money that was raised late in 2018 and will help pay for the $3000+ that GHS Football Program still owed for transportation costs, as well as pay debt for other items from the season. Now we can start fresh for 2019 with a clean slate!

Shield Bearers also helped pay for an opportunity for our GHS and Gonzales Knights coaches to learn more about their craft by attending a Glazier Clinic in February.

With our coffers near empty we are getting ready to fund raise for the upcoming season! Please stay tuned and help support our BBQ in June, our Firework stand in July, and our raffle (pending approval) and Donation Drive in July/August.

If you can donate to our cause today, then please consider donating directly through our PayPal link or click the button below, or contact us through our web form.

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