Flag Football Madness

We kicked off the inaugural season of Shield Bearers Flag Football League this Friday, June 15th, 2018. Practice started earlier in the week on Monday and the week culminated with 3 hours of football on Friday Night!

There was a lot of learning during the week as the participants were being coached by GHS Football players and coaches. Their hard work showed on Friday as the games were full of intensity and sound competition. The only thing hotter than the action were the hot baked potato’s and nacho’s being served at the snack bar (shameless plug)!

The night would not have gone so smoothly without the help of GHS Football players, coaches, and the members of Shield Bearers who worked as referree’s, servers, ushers, coaches, and all around rock stars!

If you want to see the next generation of football players the town has to offer, come by on friday nights! We start at 5:30, see you there!

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