Week 2 of Flag Football League

Week 2 of Flag Football flew by. If you missed week 1 then have a look at our page or check out the news story The Gonzales Tribune ran on us!

The race for supremacy tightened up and teams are starting to separate themselves from the pack. Things got a little heated as the competition has 2 weeks of practice under their belts and everyone wants to win. That’s right, this ends in a tournament and everyone wants the top seed!

We’ll continue to post pictures of the games when we can, but you need to come out and experience the focus and intensity that both our Flag Football players and coaches bring to the game.

Week 2 saw no huddle, up tempo, run and gun, fly sweeps, reverses and plenty of play action from our Offenses. Defenses ranged from zone, to man, to hybrids and generated pick sixes, interceptions and we almost had a safety!

Most important of all is that everyone is having fun and there is plenty of football strategy and fundamentals being learned. We can’t wait to see what week 3 brings!

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