Week 3 of Flag Football 2018

After three weeks of Flag Football the games just keep getting better and better. Did you miss week two? Don’t worry, Gonzales Tribune has the story and we have some pictures too.

All the week three games were full of highlights from both sides of the ball. We had pick sixes, reverses, triple reverses, quarterbacks going for passes and our first safety of the season.

The players are not only breaking out, but learning real football as we have kids correctly identifying cover 2 defenses and finding the soft spot in the zone. Most important of all is that smiles are everywhere and competition is high. Kids don’t just want to play, they want to win!

Have a look at the week 3 action in our picture gallery!

Things are only going to get tighter as next week is the last game to fight for the first round bye in the play offs!
Games start at 5:30, so come join us!

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