Week 5 of Flag Football 2019

The first week of playoffs meant that game faces were on and the pressure was high as everyone wants to go home with the gold medal. The previous 4 weeks were used to seed the play off brackets and the action kicked off with the second and third place teams facing each other. See pictures of the action here.

The mini’s game saw the Chiefs and Packers facing off in a very close game. Both defenses kept the game close but the Chiefs were able to surprise the Packers and upset the 2nd seed with a 15 – 20 loss!

The Juniors game was intense as two high powered Offenses squared against each other. Both defenses were tested and the Sea Hawks ruled the air while the Falcons ran amok on the ground. The game was tied 12 – 12 at half time but the Falcons survived the Sea Hawks in a closely contested 28 – 20 game.

The First place Seeds squared off versus the 4th place seeds in the second game. Anything can happen in the playoffs and upset was on the mind of the Steelers and Dolphins.

The Dolphins played tough versus the Giants and scored 18 points which is the most any team has scored against the Giants! But the Giant’s showed why they are the first seed and ran away with the game, 38 – 18

In the Juniors division the Steelers brought their Air Show versus the balanced Saints. As expected, the Steelers fired shot after shot downfield, pushing vertical and stretching the defense. The “Bend but don’t Break” defense of the Saints kept the Game just out of reach, as the Saints used both an air and ground attack to chew up chunks of yards at a time. In the end the Saints continued their unbeaten streak with a 33 – 20 win over the Steelers.

As the games ended the crowds found out who will go for the gold next week. In the Mini’s division the Dolphins face the Packers for 3rd place at 6:30. The undefeated Giants face the suddenly red hot Chiefs in the championship game at 7:30

For the Juniors, the Steelers seek their first win of the season vs the battle tested Sea Hawks in a game for 3rd place at 6:30. The 7:30 game will face the two most balanced teams as the ground attack of the Falcons faces the calm and collected ice cold Saints!!

It’s the last game of the season with what are sure to be 4 highly contested games as no one wants to go home without a medal! See you there!!

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