2019 Fireworks Booth

Bought the Big Bang

Thanks to everybody who came down and purchased fireworks at our booth this year! We had fun meeting everyone and trying our best to make sure your Fourth of July had some sparks to it.

This year we had a free raffle, all you had to do was show up and fill out a ticket. Congratulations to Alma Diaz who won a $220 box of Fireworks!

Winners of Free Raffle for Big Deluxe Box

A big thanks also goes out to Rebecca and Bryan Caudillo who bought the Big Bang! They volunteered for the Knights to help run the booth. They gave their time and then followed their support by giving their money! Thanks again!

Finally, thanks to the Knights Youth Football and Cheer, who together with Shield Bearers and GHS Football ran the booth this year.

We hope your Fourth was a good one, see you next year!

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