Week 4 of Flag Football 2019

Week 4 of Shield Bearers Flag Football League carried the fireworks from the fourth of July to Friday Night at Dick Force Stadium! Here’s a link to our weekly Gallery.

The excitement started with the offensive firepower of the Chiefs lighting the score board with run after amazing run! The Dolphins flexed their muscles early on with a defensive pick six to start the game. The Chiefs pulled away with the lead to end the half and never looked back, beating the Dolphins 38 – 28!

On the adjacent field the Steelers, rejuvenated with their new member, fought the SeaHawks hard, trading scores and defensive stops for the first 20 minutes of play. The SeaHawks showed why they were the favorites at the start of the season, as they aired it out to a 33 – 14 win.

The action continued in the second game, as the Packers put on a clinic on Defense and slowed down the offensive juggernaut otherwise known as the Giants. Unfortunately the Packers could not score and lost despite keeping the Giants to just 20 points with a final score of 0 – 20.

The Juniors game saw the undefeated Saints taking on the red hot Falcons who were on a 2 game winning streak. With first place on the line, both defenses showed up to contain the scoring. A no fly zone was established and the running game ensued for both teams, with the Saints running away with the victory, overwhelming the Falcons 35 – 18.

Thats it! The season is now over and playoffs begin next week!! Final Rankings ended in the following order:

Giants (4-0), Packers (2-2), Chiefs (1-3) , Dolphins (1-3)

Saints (3-0-1), Falcons(2-2), SeaHawks(2-2), Steelers(0-3-1)

Join us next weeks as the first round of the playoffs kick off and determine who will go for first place!

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