Soledad State Prison Visit

On May 20th, Shield Bearer coordinated a visit for select GHS Football team members to visit The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Correctional Training Facility in Soledad to take part in their “We Care” program.

This is the second year the Spartans visit and the trip did not disappoint. It is a sobering visit that teaches that bad things can happen to good people just by having the wrong friends. Players got to listen to the inmates as they told their stories and related their unfortunate journey into the correctional facility.

The inmates then split into one on one sessions with our young Spartans and related to similar experiences our Spartans face on a daily basis, and counseled on how important it is to not make the same mistakes that they had made.

It’s a great visit for our Spartans, and we’d like to thank the “We Care” program at Soledad’s Correctional Training Facility including the inmates and Officer Fletes who all donate their time. We’d like to also thank Aviel Avila, a Shield Bearer and Correctional Officer for spearheading the event from our side.

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