Summer Recap 2018

We wanted to thank all the coaches and members of the GHS Football teams for all their hard work this summer. We also knew that August 4th was their first doubleday of the season, so we thought it was the perfect time to surprise them with some food and cold Gatorade!!

After 4 hours of practice in the hot mid day sun, we showed up with ice cold watermelon and Gatorade, hot potato’s, bbq chicken, hot dogs, and roasted corn!

“Jaimito’s Smoked BBQ” provided the catering and there was plenty of food to go around. If you haven’t tasted Jaimito’s potato’s or chicken you’re missing out.

So how much food can 50 kids and 10 adults eat? Let me tell, you, they can eat a lot! But it was well deserved, this summer the GHS football team and ShieldBearers:

  • Ran a 6 week flag football league
  • Operated A Fireworks booth during 4th of july week
  • Helped Set up and clean a community health fair by CapSlo
  • Honored GHS alumni that have played football and excelled in other sports

This was done in addition to the Football team’s own preparations for the upcoming season, which amounts to a lot of work by coaches, players, and volunteers.

Thanks to everyone involved, we’re honored to be helped by so many while serving the community.

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