Flag Football Playoffs 2018 (week 5)

First week of playoffs was exciting to the very finish!

If you haven’t caught up on week 4, have a look at our report, or read the summary on the Gonzales Tribune!!

Have a look at our gallery for some of the action of week 5.

In week 5, first round of playoffs, the Juniors age group kicked things off with the Titans defeating the Jaguars 47 – 0 and continuing their dominance of the league. The Saints survived a scare against the Texans and outlasted them 26 – 24, earning the right to face the Titans in the championship game next week at 6:30. The Jaguars and Texans will square off at 5:30 playing for 3rd place.

In the Mini’s division, Conference A, the Vikings beat the Packers in a close one, 20 – 12. The Vikings advanced into the double header vs the top seeded Bears and pulled an upset in a nail biter of a game, 36 – 40!!

In Conference B the Ravens beat the Bengals in the first round 44 – 12, and advanced to the second round to face off vs the undefeated Ravens. In what was the most electric game of the night drawing the most “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowd, the Falcons pulled the upset scoring the winning extra point with no time on the clock and stunning the Ravens 13 – 12!

The stage is now set with the Falcons vs Vikings in the championship game (6:30), Ravens vs Bears for 3rd place (5:30), and Packers vs Bengals for the consolation game (5:30). If the finale is any bit as exciting as this week, you won’t want to miss this Friday!

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