2018 Football Awards Banquet

Wow! What a year it was, full of memories, achievements, record breaking feats, and bragging rights for years to come! We’re proud of what our young Spartans were able to accomplish, but are quick to remind them that it is the result of hard work, staying humble, and serving the community.

Shield Bearers was proud to host the event, and it was an excellent end to the season. A slide show for JV and Varsity played projected against the wall while people feasted on Pasta from Luigi’s and BBQ Chicken from Jaimito’s Catering.

A huge Dessert table was set along with a “water station” full of “Aguas Frescas” and refreshments. The room was full of decorations and pictures of the season, hailing the orange and black! The heritage trophy and coveted mega phone, spoils of rivalry games, were on full display for current players and alumni to take pictures with!

But everyone was there to see the players and honor their achievements. Both JV and Varsity were honored and the night officially signaled the start of the new campaign! So we raise our glass of horchata to 2018, and then roll up our sleeves as we are already planning 2019. Hope to see you there!

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