Pictures and Media 2018

Shield Bearers founder and current Varsity Defensive Coordinator for GHS football coach Eddy Ramirez, has made it a habit to take pictures of the kids throughout the season for the past 5 years.

The pictures he takes are watermarked and published on his website ( for the kids to use on their social media. At the end of the year the pictures he has taken are given water mark free and high resolution for the kids and parents to use as they wish to preserve their memories of the season.

This year coach Eddy was not able to continue this routine as he took the mantle of Varsity DC and is worried more about stopping opponents than setting up the next shot. So we wanted to thank Genesis Guerrero, who is currently a Junior at Gonzales High, for volunteering to help us out with this task. Playing football is a memorable experience and is even more so when you are able to look at the pictures that were taken throughout the year.

Thanks Genesis for the help! Below are some of the art pieces coach Eddy has created with the pictures taken by Gen.

** Full disclosure: I’m writing in 3rd person which feels weird, but I wanted to make sure Genesis is given props for her work all season long!

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