Week 1 of Flag Football 2019

The first week of Shield Bearers Flag Football League is over and it did not disappoint! There was good food, energy in the crowds, and 4 amazing games!

In the mini’s division the Giants established dominance over the Packers 16-22 in a hard fought early game.
The lights came on and so did the electricity for the second game, as the Dolphins beat the Chiefs 34-32 in a high octane display of offense!

The Juniors Division was also amped as the Saints bullied the Falcons to 32-12 early win. The Air Show came into town in the second game as SeaHawks squaked by the Steelers 14-12, in a game full of reverses, double reverses, flea-flickers, laterals, and aerial display after aerial display!

Thanks to our GHS Players for wearing the coach hat and leading the teams into battle! The next generation of Gonzales Football is in good hands. Week two continues with practice on Thursday and game day on Friday at 6:30! See you there!!

Thanks to Jocelyn Ramirez who is helping us take pictures and preserve memories.

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