State of Affairs (2024)

As we begin preparations for the coming 2024 season, we look back and reflect with pride on what we were able to accomplish last year.

In 2023 we Spent $51,300 on our Spartans including:

  • $6500 for Team Meals
  • $1300 on the awards banquet
  • $22800 for practice equipment and endzone camera
  • $18000 on Uniforms including team spirit packs, practice uniforms and replacement of Jerseys.

For this year, we were blessed to secure some generous donations last year that have enabled us to buy much needed equipment for our Spartans in time for the 2024 season. Our Field equipment steps into the 2020’s with:

  • 5 man Mod Sled
  • 5 man Lev Sled
  • 3 man Tek Sled
  • Running Back Chute
  • Various Field Equipment and safety bags for practice.

We’re currently working on securing funds to purchase special Summer Spirit Packs, safety gear from Game Breaker, as well as Head Gear from Guardian Caps.

This is all possible thanks to your donations. We spend 97% of all money raised on the program because we volunteer our time, services and money to support our young Spartans.

We look forward to seeing our team compete better than ever in 2024 now that they have modern equipment.


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