Chicken and Football?

Shield Bearers were happy to help out at the Annual Little League Chicken BBQ Fundraiser. Why are we helping out Little League? Because we’re part of the same community!

When we mentioned the idea of helping out to the football program they jumped on the idea and mobilized players who were not out of town for spring break.

Shield Bearers and Football Players worked together to break down and clean up at the end of the BBQ Fundraiser. We split into two teams, one helping clean up the food pickup area at the Vosti Center, and a second team helping to degrease and clean the BBQ pits and containers at the cooking site.

We had fun, we were treated to some great cooking, and we helped out the community we’re proud to be a part of! Win-Win for everyone!

Look out for our random acts of Community Service, our young Spartans enjoyed the feeling so we’re going to continue looking for opportunities to help where we can.

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