The members of the board for Shield Bearers for 2020 are:


Eddy Ramirez

Eddy Ramirez has lived in Gonzales since 1985.  He is an alumni of Gonzales High School where he played multiple sports including Football.  Eddy has also coached at the High School and is the original member/founder of Shield Bearers.  Eddy is also a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and works as a software developer, but most of all is a proud community member of Gonzales and alumni of GHS!

Vice President

Angie M. Ramirez

Being active in the community through her efforts in Migrant Seasonal Head Start, Angie brings a wealth of organizational experience to Shield Bearers.  Angie has also served previously on the board as treasurer, she looks forward to helping Shield Bearers support GHS Football.


Sonia Madera

Sonia is a GHS Alumni and long time resident of Gonzales.  With deep roots in the community, Sonia loves to volunteer and give back and often attends GHS Sporting events.  She looks forward to helping Shield Bearers support GHS Football!


Juan Leyva

Juan Leyva is a GHS Alumni and former GHS Spartan Football League Champion!  Juan stays busy as an accountant at MCOE but helps out in the community of Gonzales by volunteering to coach football and is also on the board of Gonzales Knights as well as Shield Bearers!